Monday, January 20, 2014

Good Laptop Brand Most Sustainable Quality

Good Laptop Brand Most Sustainable Quality - Development of Internet technology manarik interest of many people to own a laptop . Surfing the internet more fun since the laptop can be brought anywhere where . Talk about the many laptop brands on sale in the market , of course, lots of options . Laptop brands and durable brand what? May exist between agan agan who had thoughts like that . Cool good info will post the list of best laptop brands , quality and durable . Problem durable of course depends also how to use time yes heheh .

Good Laptop Brand Sustainable Quality

Back to the laptop , which is very familiar words that agan agan like to see Tukul Arwana hosted in one eye pickled in Indonesian private television . If agan agan is currently looking for a good laptop brand , you can choose the brand best laptop brands and a lot more people interested in the brand laptops such as the following list :

1 . Brand Apple Laptops
Apple laptops are very popular once the operating system itself , ie the Macintosh . But the price of this laptop is also pretty draining savings hehe . Experiments have been done on the laptop brands Appel produce a percentage above 10 % at 2 years and about 17.4 % in a period of 3 years .

2 . Brand Sony Laptop
Who is not familiar with this brand . Especially for business names berkuualitas good laptop , Sony adalag one of them . SONY Laptop ranks third in the percentage level of damage to the laptop . In a 2 -year trial , Laptop SONY earn a percentage of more than 10 % , while the 3 -year period , the percentage increased to 16.8 % .

3 . ASUS Laptop Brand
ASUS comes from the word meaning horse PEGASUS , brand asus laptop has also been quite popular . Laptops ASUS was ranked first because test results have proved the extent of damage in use for 2 years is below 10 % , while the 3 -year period was 15.6 % . Although the ASUS brand laptop to occupy Ranked as Top 3 Vendors World , but ASUS will not be lost when it comes to quality and durability and includes Good Product and durable

4 . TOSHIBA Laptop Brand
Brand this one would also have been familiar . Many say that the Toshiba price commensurate with quality. To rank themselves on a Toshiba Laptop no rank 2 with a percentage below 10 % within 2 years , and 15.7 % within 3 years . The difference is very thin once the ASUS brand laptops at 0.01 % . Toshiba is one option if you are looking for a good laptop brand quality and durable .

5 . Acer Laptops Brand
ACER laptop is one of the most common brand of laptop used by consumers . Besides karen price is relatively cheaper , ACER laptop also offers a complete device . Regarding ratings to awetannya still better laptop that has been mentioned above . Percentage of damage nearly 15 % within a period of 2 years. But will increase to 23.3 % in 3 years usage . However, ACER earned 2nd place in the category of Top Vendor World .

6 . Brand Dell Laptops
DELL brand seems also more famous for gamingnya products , such as Alienware , type laptop that really offers the performance of games like goods originating from outside the earth . For the level of damage themselves in use DELL 2 years is above 10 % , while for 3 years to reach 18.3 % . This is the laptop brand that most medium to the level of damage .

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