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Tips to Choose The Best Gaming Laptops 2016

Tips to Choose The Best Gaming Laptops 2016 - As the times and the demands of the technology that makes the technology always meingkat and the emergence of new Inofasi for holders of technology market, the emergence of one of the operating system (OS) Windows 8 is different from previous versions. In the version of Windows 8 is suitable for a laptop that uses a touch screen but rarely do people have a laptop of this type, basically the use of Windows 8 use on tablets with the Windows operating system, and therefore we need to pay attention to selecting a laptop that good and quality in order to provide comfort pleasure for you.

Tips to Choose The Best Gaming Laptops 2016

1. Specifications Of Laptop
Regarding the specifications would be nice if we make it a top priority to choose a laptop for purchased later. To cope with a quality laptop certainly has a good specification anyway, you have to carefully choose a laptop and do not be fooled by the price. We recommend choosing a laptop if you can it's cheap but good quality and not to reverse, yes least to choose a laptop with specs price draw.
Just for comparison only laptop price range of 5 million rupiah which mostly have such a data table below.
Using Intel Core i3-4130 Processor 3.4 GHz
Mother Board ECS B85H3-M7 (LGA1150, Intel B85, DDR3)
1TB SATA3 64MB hard disk WDC - Caviar Blue
VGA PowerColor Radeon HD7730 2048MB DDR3
RAM Memory Corsair Vengeance DDR3 PC12800 Black 4GB (2x2GB)
Keyboard and Mouse Logitech MK100 Classic PS2
From the specification of the data above shows the specifications of the laptop price range of £ 5 million, of course, that price is good enough to have the specifications such as data over the line. Or if you find a cheaper but better specs then select only the laptop. According to the election of the laptop you can adjust to your own needs, this will help you choose a laptop that fits kepeluan.
For Students: a suitable laptop for students is usually only used for typing and playing games which have a size of light, on laptops for students do not need to have the specification of a laptop is high, for students can use of the specification was sufficient to use Processor Core i3 Generation 3 Without VGA ,
For Employees: usually for office workers who use laptops in their work using medium specification using Core i3 processor and 2GB of RAM wear, employees generally use the application to work like Microsoft Office and to connect to the Internet using multiple browsers.
Gammer and Graphic Design: for someone who likes to play games or hobbies graphic design then it must have a laptop specs are fairly high, typically processor that is used for the activity of playing games together graphic design wearing a processor core i7 and minimal use VGA GTX 680 and wearing a minimum RAM of 4GB.
2. Price Laptop
In this section we will divide it into two parts, namely the purchase price and the selling price, purchase price is a price that we as shoppers buy a new laptop. What I mean by that is when the sales price we want to sell the laptop for a certain price, this one factor sometimes people rarely to examine what was needed.
In fact, knowing the price of a laptop it is very important to know the price of course we can know whether the money we have can to buy a nice laptop. On the other hand we have to save so at least we have a good laptop at a reasonable price.
Furthermore, you will probably get bored with laptop owned now and you want to sell, then we must memperhatika sale value of the laptop before you buy it in the future. While you do not intend to sell laptops in the future and would not hurt you to know the selling value of the laptop.
3. The size of a Laptop
Things to three we need to know and keep in tune is about portability (portable) on a laptop, we as the buyer shall menyesuakan you need to use the laptop itself. For my friend who like to carry a laptop, then it would be better friend chose a laptop with a medium size and portability of course. But if my friend is traveling rarely carry a laptop alias often use a laptop at home then can choose a laptop that memiliku larger size. Therefore, we can know the criteria for the screen size and laptop size are suitable for us to know the following data.
Laptop size 11 to 13 inches, the size is perfect for someone who is traveling a hobby that always bring a laptop. Selection of the size of the laptop besides portability later and also does not take place and will be lighter.
Laptops with 14 to 15 inch size, with the size of the laptop as it is a laptop with the laptop is the type of society in general, which means its use.
Size 16-inch laptop is perfect for someone who like to play games and edit photos, but still not satisfied as well as possible the screen is still not big enough.
Laptop size 17 inches more, this is the size of a laptop that is highly recommended for editing video or playing games. Its use is very comfortable with a larger screen and usually a laptop with a larger screen size has the specs and the price is more expensive.
We can menyesuakain appropriate screen size with our daily activities so that no problems later in wearing it.
4. Note Keyboard election
You have to pay attention about the distance of a keyboard and the magnitude of the keyboard keys, these factors greatly affect the comfort in using the laptop itself. We suggest you choose a laptop with a keyboard that matches the size of your finger, and then we need to pay attention to the distance between the keys on the keyboard.
5. Touchpad on a Laptop
Furthermore touchpad aspect we need to consider in selecting a laptop, by default in a laptop does not make use of the mouse as a tool pengerak cursor. therefore if you feel you should wear a touchpad then you need to choose a laptop with a touchpad that is easy to use quality is also comfortable to wear. But if you feel the difficulty in using the touchpad then there is no harm in using an external mouse to move the cursor.
6. Hybrid or Conventional
For the time has come Inofasi screen laptop models can be separated with a keyboard or can be installed as well as off. Since the appearance of the operating system Windows 8 laptop can be used like a tablet and a laptop can also be made by replacing the screen with the keyboard. If you want to buy a laptop and tablet then as an alternative to buying a Laptop type of Hybrid, but if my friend needed a conventional laptop, then you can buy a laptop mediocre because the price of the laptop type of Hybrid more expensive than conventional laptops.
7. Laptop Warranty and Service Center
Then the next we need to be careful before buying a laptop that is about the guarantee given to the laptop, a laptop can be measured quality of the old warranty is given, the longer the warranty provided by the manufacturer to the production, the better
Things you should not miss before buying a laptop that is the location of the service center, it would be better if the service center laptop that we want to buy will have a location service center which is not far from where you live, tujuanya for easier call when the laptop you buy will encounter problems ,
8. Battery Lifespan
As the advantages of a laptop that is easy to carry and use a battery as a source of energy storage, which is a problem when the battery is used as a supplier of electrical energy to a laptop easily exhausted. On laptops the old version that has a battery that is relatively low and typically rapidly depleted in about 2 to 3 hours, for now we recommend my friend bought a laptop latest model has the advantage that the battery life is more durable than the laptop version of the long vitality The latest model of laptop battery has a duration of about 10 to 20 hours on.
9. Operating System (OS)
The main thing is we need to look before buying a laptop, use the operating system to run a computer kenyamananya indeed we should note, we should use an operating system that is in accordance with the specifications and recommendations os.
10. Connectivity
Viewed in terms of the ability to connect a laptop to the specific connection. It's good we are keen in choosing a laptop and make sure it has USB, HDMI, LAN, WiFi and Hostspot. Therefore, we must have a laptop that has a good connectivity with.
11. Trademark / Brand Laptop
You as a consumer must be clever in choosing a laptop brands that will be purchased because so many laptops on the market with different brands of laptop, if you are confused in choosing a laptop should choose a laptop with famous brands whose origins are unclear. For those of you who want to choose a laptop but do not know which brand is good, then you can look for the source of the reference to a friend or can directly ask the seller to the laptop.
12. Additional Bonus
For a seller of electronic equipment including laptops usually gives a bonus for those of you who have purchased laptops it sells in order to attract attention so that others buy, while bonuses were given an assortment of mouse to lcd cleaner and substantially related to the laptop. If you should get a bonus and you are not given a chance then it would be better bonus you ask for a bonus, I penalaman when buying a laptop I was given lcd cleaning and cooling pad.
Perhaps it was this discussion about Tips on choosing the right laptop and a good quality, I expected to be useful and add to knowledge also helped my friend who wanted to buy a laptop. Perhaps if there are any questions regarding this article can be submitted directly via the comments field that has been provided.


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